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"The cardigan Camela just arrived-what a lovely material and the design is great!" Katarina A, Fengefors, Sweden

"The gift was a success. Thank you for exquisite service".
Per N, Stockholm, Sweden

"Thank you for the amazing cardigan! I love it! And thank you for your outstanding service". Sofia E, Åland

"I just received my package! Thank you very much. The garments are absolutely adorable!" Ayuku T, Tokyo, Japan

"I just wanted to say I wore the Hanna dress last weekend that I bought from you and it was perfect! Probably the best piece of clothing I have ever bought. Thanks." Carrie B, Sheffield, UK

"Thank you for my last cardigan, I loved it so I bought another!" Emma M, Paris, France

"I received your parcel today. I really love these high quality cardigans. Thanks!" Chang G, Woolongong, Australia

"Many thanks for spendid service." Emma A, Uppsala, Sweden

"Just wanted to say that Elsa cardigan is so very nice. Fit, colour, quality – all of it was just right. I look forward to future collections." BMW, Gothenburg, Sweden

"I'm really happy with the turban, it's as nice as I imagined!" Lucia V, Barcelona, Spain

"The turban arrived today and it is absolutely lovely. Many thanks."  Altea, Glasgow, UK

"The Eva cardigan is wonderful! It is so warm and soft but you still don't get too hot in it. Such lovely yarn! I am really happy with the beige colour as well." Frida Wainult, Höganäs, Sweden (translated from Swedish)

"8 am sharp the cardigans came knocking on my door. And what super cardigans! Very, very happy with the Soraya cardigan. Very nice nougat colour. I had thought it was grey on your website so it was even better in reality, a positive surprise. I haven't worn the Eva cardigan since it is going to be a gift but it feels really comfy." Sara Ståhl, London, UK

"I bought the Hanna dress that was described as perfect for any occasion and a great dress for travelling. After a 25 hour trip to the US and a following conference I can simply exclaim AMEN TO THAT! This is the most beautiful, most practical dress I have ever had." Hanna Maurin Söderholm, Borås, Sweden (translated from Swedish)

"I just wanted to say that I am really happy with the Hanna dress that has become a new favourite." Lucie M, Stockholm (translated from Swedish)

"I got the Hanna dress today and it looks so good. Perfect size as well. I am 100% happy with it and the delivery was also increadibly fast." O.S, Karlskoga, Sweden (translated from Swedish)

Blog posts

"By pure chance I stumbled across the knitwear online-shop Maska. It may actually have been through the blog finelittleday. The knitted cardigansthat met my gaze looked so nice, well-made and high quality that I ordered one immediately! “Mirja”, below. A light-weight cardigan with eyelet pattern in Italian extra combed wool. It was as nice as I imagined. Very soft and a well-cut style." Trendey blog

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